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BTA meets the state graduation requirement for computer proficiency for the State of Alabama.  This course is a more in-depth version of Computer Applications.  Students master skills in word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation, and Internet use. Topics also include:  business document writing, career choices, communication, and ethical issues. 

This is a course designed to introduce students to careers in the health care field.

This course is designed for Seniors who are interested in health related careers.  Students will be attending clinical experiences in Huntsville Hospital, Crestwood Medical Center, Madison Hospital and in various medical offices and nursing homes in the Madison area.

Biomedical Innovations (senior level/prerequisite: Principles of Biomedical Sciences, Human Body Systems, and Medical Interventions/18 weeks/2 credit/Honors Credit awarded.) Students design innovative solutions for the health challenges of the 21st century. They work through progressively challenging open-ended problems, addressing topics such as clinical medicine, physiology, biomedical engineering, and public health. Throughout the course, students are expected to present their work to an audience of STEM professionals. This course is designed for 12th grade students.

Students will explore the concepts of human medicine and are introduced to research processes and to bioinformatics. Hands-on projects enable students to investigate human body systems and various health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, sickle-cell disease, hypercholesterolemia, and infectious diseases. This is the first course of four available in Biomedical Sciences curriculum

Management Principles is a one-credit course designed to provide students with an understanding of the organizational functions of businesses, including quality concepts, project management, and problem solving. Topics include analyzing functions of management, examining leadership styles, and reviewing organizational structures.

Marketing Principles is a one-credit course designed to provide students with an overview of in-depth marketing concepts. Students develop a foundational knowledge of marketing and its functions, including marketing information management, pricing, product and service management, entrepreneurship, and promotion and selling. Students examine the need for sales and marketing strategies. Students practice customer relationship skills, ethics, technology applications, and communicating in the workplace.

Personal Finance is a half-credit course, which introduces students to the management of personal and family resources to achieve personal goals and financial literacy. Content provides opportunities for students to explore consumer behavior, laws and legislation, consumer protection, consumer rights and responsibilities, consumer decision making, advertising and promotional techniques, individual and family money management, banking services, use of credit, income tax, technology, and careers in providing financial services to individuals and families.

This course is the third in the Biomed series of the Biomedical Academy.  It covers many medical interventions commonly used in today's health field:  symptoms, diagnostics, and treatment.

Advanced BTA uses the Microsoft IT Academy online curriculum to refine concepts learned in Business Technology Applications. Microsoft Office skills and projects are integrated throughout the course. A major emphasis is placed on preparing students for optional credentialing through Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification testing.

Forms and information will be posted on Moodle for BJHS student access.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with information regarding the English 9 Honors class. It will also provide a platform for students to present their material and turn in assignments.

This course is an introduction to writing for school publications.  It covers the basics of creative writing and informational writing as well as introduces students to writing for a variety of technologies.

This course focuses on the composition, structure, and behavior of matter. Honors Chemistry is designed to prepare students for the AP Chemistry course.

This is a Career Tech class in the Health Science track in the Medical Academy.  

Students should realize there is an obligation to do a considerable amount of work outside to prepare daily for the class, both individual studies and group work. Students must read nightly so as to be prepared daily for discussion. The rigor of the honors biology curriculum is intended to better prepare students for more advanced high school courses as well as to begin their preparation for college. Higher order thinking activities will be included in daily activities. Students will do research, writing, and several short-term and long-term projects.

9th grade biology covers the basics of general biology as stated in the Alabama Course of Study:  scientific processes, ecology, cells, genetics, evolution and classification.

This course covers the fundamentals of genetics as stated in the Alabama Course of Study.

AP Psychology is a one semester course at Bob Jones High School. Since there are no established QCC/GPS standards for AP Psychology, the course conforms to College Board topics for the Advanced Placement Introductory Examination. This course covers methods, approaches and the history of psychology as a science, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, cognition, motivation and emotion, developmental psychology, personality, testing and individual differences, abnormal psychology, treatment of psychological and social psychology.

This is the second class in the series of Biomedical classes in which the students examine the interactions of human body systems as they explore identity, power, movement, protection, and homeostasis. Students design experiments, investigate the structures and functions of the human body, and use data acquisition software to monitor body functions such as muscle movement, reflex and voluntary action, and respiration. Exploring science in action, students build organs and tissues on a skeletal manikin, work through interesting real world cases and often play the roles of biomedical professionals to solve medical mysteries.

This is the third course in the series of Biomedical classes in which students investigate a variety of interventions involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease as they follow the life of a fictitious family. The course is a “How-To” manual for maintaining overall health and homeostasis in the body. Students explore how to prevent and fight infection; screen and evaluate the code in human DNA; prevent, diagnose and treat cancer; and prevail when the organs of the body begin to fail. Through these scenarios, students are exposed to a range of interventions related to immunology, surgery, genetics, pharmacology, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Foundations of Health Science is an introductory Health Science course. Students learn basic healthcare content including: assessing vital signs, patient care techniques (turning & repositioning), and earn certification as Healthcare Providers in CPR through the American Heart Association.

Health Science Internship is an honors course with classroom and clinical components.  Senior Interns experience healthcare within a variety of clinical settings such as acute care hospitals and  outpatient facilities.  Course content focuses on physical assessment, pharmacology, therapeutic communication, & legal/ethical issues.

Students must take Fashion I before taking the Fashion Design class.

This is for my Food/Nutrition class.

This course focuses on Housing and Interior Design.

James Clemens High School: Ap Literature and Composition

This course is designed as a typical undergraduate literature course at the college level. Students will read works from a variety of British and American authors across time periods and genres. Much time will be devoted to student-led response to these works through critical discussions and writing prompts.

9th grade Honors English: James Clemens High School

This course is designed to challenge students who excel in the areas of reading and writing. It is meant to vertically align with the upper level AP literature and language courses. Students will work on improving analytical writing skills, increasing vocabulary, and improving critical reading skills.

Pre-calculus is a college-preparatory course intended for highly motivated students who have successfully completed Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II with Trigonometry. A variety of topics are reviewed and expanded upon, including trigonometry, complex numbers, function, graphing and logarithms. Many topics are combined to explore new areas such as polar coordinates, polar graphing, conic sections, vectors, matrices, polynomial theory and induction proofs. Graphing is studied in-depth to determine properties of functions. Many other areas are covered to give the college-bound student a basis for calculus.

Honors Anatomy & Physiology prepares students for biomedical, nursing, and other health-related careers and is a pre-requisite for the Health Science Internship.  The course is organized to follow a logical sequence of the ten systems of the human body with emphasis on diseases & disorders.  Laboratory dissection includes anatomical study of a mammal.

This course is designed to assist students as they explore the structures and functions of the human body.  There will be extensive laboratory investigations that provide evidence to students of the means by which the human body maintains homeostasis.

This course is designed to provide information to students that meet the Alabama Course of Study on the topic of biology.  This class will be taught at an accelerated level, allowing honors students the ability to write critically about lab findings as well as using creative problem solving skills.  

After being introduced to basic computer terminology, students will learn to program in C and will acquire a thorough understanding of variables, loop techniques, functions, and procedures. Good programming techniques will also be stressed. It will be expected that students already know the keyboard and have experience using several computer applications.

This course will involve the review of basic programming constructs such as loops, functions, and arrays and study of the object-oriented programming language, C++.